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With 7 years’ experience, I am one the leading Real Estate Agents with the Greater Toronto Area with ability to connect with people and understand their dreams and aspirations.

Whether you are looking for your first starter home or expanding to fit your growing family, I Know everything there is to know about property types, value, regulation and prices.

Sahar Gorjian
Sahar Gorjian
Real Estate Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

ALL Questions and service equerries are welcome and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

What are the typical costs of selling a house?

Commissions of selling and buying agents, Legal expenses, moving cost, the total cost may vary from case to case.

Do I pay tax if I sale my house?

If the house is your primary house where you living in it, you won’t be charged for taxes.

What are the cost of closings for a buyer?

Land transfer tax, lawyer fees, Moving fees.

What are the advantages of buying resale houses?

The price is lower, bigger size and bigger lands, better locations, closer to transits, there is more room for negotiations, and more established neighborhoods, and closer to shops

What is a listing brokerage?

Licensed real estate agency that representing a seller.

What is deposit?

A sum of money that will be kept in a Trust account of the listing brokerage.